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Electronic Press Kit

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"Ferris and the Wheels mounts a furious charge onto the music scene..."
-Blake Boldt - M Music & Musicians Magazine

“It’s one hell of a joyous ride all steeped in classic rock dynamics but given a dirty, serrated edge. The riffs are memorable, the hooks are punchy, and the singalong choruses and background harmonies are bound to shake arenas.”

"Ferris and the Wheels are a group of guys who aren’t afraid to
play rowdy, loud and fun Rock ’n’ Roll, and there’s something cool in that alone. For all of you who miss no-shit rock music, this is for you."

“Ferris And The Wheels know what they have, know how to make it work, and know that their sound is addictive.”

***Sold out the Hard Rock Café in Boston, MA ***
***Headlined: Nashville / NYC / Boston / Chicago / Atlanta / Cincy

/ Detroit / Chapel Hill***

–Dmitry M. Epstein –

–Claudia Arnalda –

–Russell Trunk –


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